A Quick Primer on What Editors Do

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If you’re writing, you want an editor. Even if that person doesn’t call themselves an editor, you definitely want an editor, hired or done as a favor.

Here, we’ll be going over the various editorial tasks typical of the revising processes, and the order in which they must usually be conducted.

Prewriting tasks:

If you’re fortunate enough to have someone willing to read your outlines, let that person do so. A lot of plot holes and logical issues can be resolved before you even start writing, saving you a lot of work down the road.

Step One: Developmental Editing

  • You’re at least mostly done with your…

Short Answer? Yes. Several.

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If you’ve gone through the entire process of writing a novel, and you’re now in the long, arduous process of editing and revising, you’ve probably considered having someone read your book before you start trying to throw it out into the world.

Beta Readers are an absolutely essential part of every author’s team. There’s no author that should ever go without one. Developers beta-test games, movies have pre-screenings and books should always have someone read them before you’re ready to send them off into the world.

If you hire one(or, if you’re lucky, find someone willing to do it for…

Hustle Culture is Going to Kill You if The Plague Doesn’t

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Oh boy, we’re probably going into another lockdown, time for that existential dread from March to creep back in for the holidays. You know what that means: get out the knitting needles and pray to god that people don’t turn this into an issue that lasts another three years.

So, if you’re just as much of a burnout as I am, wondering what to do with all your free time, you probably have spent a lot of time trying crafts, new hobbies, new interests. …

Exploring the Strengths of Perspective

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Sometimes, writers will have an excellent concept. They’ll have an idea that’s just phenomenal, marketable, interesting, and inspiring. In spite of this, they’ll have difficulty actually completing the book, and find that they’re in a writing slump.

Generally, when it comes to larger, structural edits in an unfinished manuscript that a writer is struggling with, one of the most common recommendations for authors is that they might have an easier time writing in a different point of view. While that might be daunting, it is almost always to book’s overall benefit.

However, why is that the case, and why do…

Publishing is a Matter of Perseverance

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Many first-time writers are terrified that to send their manuscript. If they’re not involved in the world of publishing, that first step to begin querying is terrifying.

As it should be! You’ve spent months (in some cases, years) working on a manuscript, so it’s definitely a major step to finally show all that work to somebody else.

Naturally, when you begin querying, you’re going to spend as much time on your first query as possible. You’ll likely dress it up, select just the right agent with just the right query letter. …

Welcome everyone to what I like to refer to as “Hotumn,” where it’s not quite summer anymore, but you still have to deal with the sweat.

Though there’s not a lot of major publishing events this week, There’s some excellent events this week for people interested editing!

Writing Events This Week:

All Times in EST

The first look at this season’s newest books. Scope out some publishing trends, find your most-anticipated reads, discover some debut authors, and more at this must-attend event.

Come join a live chat with literary professionals talking about the importance of diverse books. WNDB has spent years trying to bring…

The easiest way to get on your editor’s bad side

Comma splices. One of the most-common grammar errors of writers at all levels. They sound like a some sort of aggressive act, some sort of aggravated assault performed with a comma.

And they are! They’re an assault on the very structure of English! How dare you weld those two sentences together haphazardly with a comma! What, were you born illiterate? Did nobody ever tell you how grammar works?

Okay, they’re not that severe, not even by half.

In fact, unless you’ve been in a high-level writing or grammar class before, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ve even heard of a comma…

Exploring the Main Two Types of Writers

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There’s always a lot of buzz in the writing community about “Plotters and Pantsers.” Occasionally, there might even be mention of a “Plantser.” If you’re part of any group of authors, you’ve definitely been asked the question about which one you are, even if you weren’t familiar with the terms.

Am I a Plotter?

Odds are, if you’re agonizing over whether to try to plot or pants your novel, you’re more likely disposed towards plotting. Plotters prefer to have a lot of structure to their novels, and determine what they’re going to write before they even take pen to page.

Sometimes they use structures…

“You’ll go broke waiting for the muse to fly down and sit on your shoulder.”

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If you’re trying to make a living off of writing, even if you’ve found your niche, and platform, you’re still going to be facing a lot of fierce competition, and the only way to keep up with that is if you’re willing to have to produce a ridiculous amount of writing. That means that you’re going to have to write, whether or not you actually want to.

However, for most creative types, the cruel fact of life is that the urge to create is not always there. The difficulty becomes then, “how do I write when I don’t want to?”…

Happy midsummer everyone! As August dwindles, it’s time to reflect on the year, and the year ahead! This week we have the last few summer-writing events before we settle into autumn.

Writing Events This Week:

All Times in EST

Reedsy is holding a webinar this week on creating characters that will drive your plot. Hosted by authors Caroline Leavitt and Gina Sorell. This event was set to occur last week, but was rescheduled due to technical difficulties.

Part of “Book Your Summer”, Penguin Random House will be holding a seminar with traditionally-published authors on how to create immersive worlds that readers lose themselves in.

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I usually write about books, grammar, and discourse. I’m also an editor, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with me. Linktr.ee/ghostlywritten

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